Infrastructure sector is a key driver for the Indian economy. The sector is highly responsible for propelling India’s overall development and enjoys intense focus from Government for initiating policies that would ensure time-bound creation of world class infrastructure in the country. Infrastructure sector includes power, bridges, dams, roads, and urban infrastructure development.

PMC & Structural Engineering Services to Infrastructure Industry

Some Aryavartha Core Services

Conceptual Studies

Conceptual Studies are an integral part of the planning process for any infrastructure construction project. They involve an in-depth analysis of project requirements and objectives, site conditions, budget, and feasibility to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Front End Engineering & Design (FEED)

Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) is a crucial stage in the development of any construction project. It involves detailed planning, design, and engineering of the project's systems and equipment, as well as a complete cost estimate. FEED plays a vital role in ensuring that a project is economically and technically feasible before proceeding to construction.

Detail Engineering & Execution support

It involves a more in-depth and detailed design of the project's systems and equipment, and the preparation of detailed engineering drawings, specifications, and schedules. This stage focuses on ensuring that all technical aspects of the project are accurately defined and properly executed during construction.

Projects Executed

Smart City Tumakuru - PMC (On-going)

Client: Tumakuru Smart City Ltd.

  • Housing for urban poor (5000sqm, 87 apartments in 3xG+4 storey buildings), City library building (7200sqm, 6 storey building with PT floors) with column free spans of 22m, Empress college multi facility building (3700sqm, 3 storey building with PT floors) with column free spans of 24m, Integrated City Management & Control Centre (2000sqm, 3 storey building), Ayush Hospital (5850sqm, 4 storey building), Sports arena with RCC gallery, MS frame with tensile fabric roof, multiple buildings for various government schools and other facilities, Vending zones with MS framing and tensile fabric roof.
  • Redevelopment of Amanikere lake (550 acres) and 20 other lakes in Tumkur City.
  • Redevelopment of ring road (10.5km) and development of smart roads with underground utility ducting, cycle track, pedestrian footpaths, smart kiosks, streetlights, beautification, parking etc (59.0km of urban roads)
  • Redevelopment of green spaces in Tumkur. (45 parks)
  • Development of smart lounges, vending zones, bus shelters, PHCs and many more.
tumkuru smart city

Empress College

empress college
  • G+2 Building
  • Area: 2,47,88,169 sqft

As part of the Smart City Mission's vision, the Government of India aims to uplift the living standards of every citizen in Tumakuru by providing various essential facilities. In line with this vision, one of the planned projects is the Empress Girl's College Auditorium, designed to offer multiple public amenities, including a Seminar Hall, digital-library, Reprography, Reading room, and labs, among others.

The proposed Empress Girl's College Auditorium is envisioned as a Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) framed structure with masonry infill walls. The floor system is ingeniously designed, combining post-tensioned beams/slabs with RCC beams/slabs for optimal structural integrity. The strategic location of the building within the Empress Girls College area ensures accessibility, while a well-designed staircase provides easy access to the roof.

We are excited to present the perspective views of the proposed building, giving you a glimpse of its future magnificence. Our team is committed to realizing this vision and creating a space that contributes to the advancement and prosperity of Tumakuru.

Mariayamma Nagar

  • G+4 Building
  • Area: 88,52,676 sqft

Welcome to our Smart City Mission initiative! Our goal is to elevate the living standards of every citizen in Tumakuru by offering a range of essential facilities. Among these, we take immense pride in introducing "Affordable Housing for Urban Poor" at Mariyamma Nagar.

Our vision is to provide a home for 93 underprivileged families in the city, offering them a secure and comfortable living environment. The proposed building is meticulously designed as a Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) framed structure with masonry infill walls, ensuring sturdiness and durability.

Located behind the private bus stand area, the housing complex enjoys convenient access to transportation and essential services. A central staircase is thoughtfully incorporated to provide easy accessibility to the rooftop, adding to the residents' comfort.

To achieve our mission, we envision constructing three similar buildings, each serving the purpose of providing affordable housing for the urban poor. With careful planning and dedication, we aim to create a thriving community where families can prosper and thrive.


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